Rulebreaking is to challenge conventional thinking

Rulebreaking is innovation


Rulebreaker Ventures is a private investment family office (firm) that is an active investor in venture scale tech startups.

Rulebreaker Ventures primarily look for investment opportunities in Denmark.

Gregers Kronborg is the owner of Rulebreaker Ventures.

Rulebreaker Ventures participates in Vækstfondens BA matching loan program:


Rulebreaker Ventures passionately enjoys working with ambitious and rulebreaking entrepreneurs who creates business models that can scale internationally.

Rulebreaker Ventures is present in London, the digital capital of Europe. A presence that entrepreneurs can leverage.

Rulebreaker Ventures has a wealth of experience from direct and indirect investments in successful tech startups such as TrustPilot, Asetek, Napatech, Cocom, Spotify, Avito, iZettle, Klarna, EpiServer, Tobii and Nimsoft. 

Member of www.danban.org and www.dvca.dk.



Tech startups

Ocean.io, SafeOnline, November First, Moonfare, Tame, Listen to News, EasySize and Mdundo.

Books to read next ...

Hunger in Paradise, Rasmus Ankersen

Danielle, Chronicles of a Superheroine, Ray Kurzweil



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